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The Return of Mr.Mallory (oz053)

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The Return of Mr.Mallory (oz053)

Topics experimental


Metal-Box, DVD-video, 3"-cd audio and color booklet -
ltd. edition 50 hand-numbered copies.
Labels: Misty Circle, Ozky e-Sound and GattoAlieno
Release date: 21.4.2012
Retail price: 10 €
to buy send an e-mail to:

the return of Mr. mallory 2004
Mr.Mallory, a mr. average, is hit by a nuclear blast and developes peculiar
By a weird twist of fate, he, a left-handed man, loses his left arm and grows six,
useless right ones...
His intellect developes too and he becomes oversensitive and feels unfit to live;
he gets more depressed and scared all the time
In the end he would forge his death to escape his tainted life.

Mr.Mallory, un signor nessuno, è coinvolto in un esplosione atomica e sviluppa
strani superpoteri Ironicamente, lui che è mancino, perde il braccio sinistro e gli crescono 6 inutili braccia destreâ¦
Anche il suo intelletto si sviluppa e diviene ipersensibile, sempre più inetto a
vivere, depresso e spaventato finche in ultimo si finge morto per sfuggire alla sua marcia vita.

After a long self-inflicted hybernation, Mr.Mallory
comes back to life
He has forgotten how mean and vicious this
world can be, he will face greed, violence, religion
and politics, then heâll decide if he should stay or
be gone forever

Dopo il lungo e voluto letargo, Mr.Mallory torna
alla vitaâ¦Ha dimenticato quanto può essere
meschino e malvagio il mondo e affronterà 
avidità , violenza, religione e politica per poi
decidere se rimanere o andarsene per sempre



1 after the long sleep

2 ratrace
a road to nowhere
life ainât a videogame
hey-hate me kill me hate me
love-loveâs only for sale
why should I like all this?

3 vampires
this is the planet of vampires
no way to keep them off
this is the planet of vampires
no way to get rid of them
they suck you dry and let you die

4 there is no super hero
thereâs no spiderman
thereâs no caped avenger
thereâs no mighty thor
thereâs no batman
thereâs no fantastic four
thereâs no ironman
thereâs no silver surfer
thereâs no superman
no one out there
no one to send for
no one to right the wrongs
no one to save your ass
no one will ever dare
must learn to stand the offence
no one will ever care
must learn to run and hide

5 escape to outer space
the voice of the thunder was in the heaven
the lightnings lightened the world
but alas you now wouldnât listen,
but alas you now wouldnât care
youâve buried your knowledge
youâve killed your spirit
to live in anguish and fear
you mankind in amnesia
be damned for all time
Iâm the man from the stars
who just fell on this earth by dreadful chance
I donât belong here no more
I feel I must go, must run for my life
must go back to outer space
must die and stay dead
forever and ever

all lyrics and music by DBPIT
with XxeNa (backing vocals in #1)
and Francesco âPusioâ(keyboards in #5)

all videos and graphics by XxeNa

nuclear thanx to:
clau-dedi, massimo croce,
graham hancock, immanuel velikovski.

To watch the video:
The Return of Mr. Malory VIDEO

Further information:

NONPOP spartenMagazin

African Paper



Reviewer: dbpit - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 30, 2012
Subject: the return of mr.mallory
Mr. Mallory, possibly the most unfortunate super-hero of all times, has returned after many years of sleep through the work of his creator, DBPIT (Der Bekannte Post-Industrielle Trompeter), and his partner in crime Xxena. This new release is extremely limited, just 50 copies, but still worth attention, especially if you've been following the unpredictable and highly personal path led by DBPIT during his over ten years of existence. "The Return Of Mr. Mallory" comes inside a metal box containing a 3" mini CD, a DVD and a booklet with lyrics and artwork. The drawings, made by Xxena, are really nice and give a distinctive personality to his unlikely mutant with "six useless right hands" (he's, or better was, left-handed).
The music on the mini CD is rather short, just 5 tracks for 20 minutes running time, but the quality is interesting, undoubtedly the best result achieved by DBPIT to the present. Electronics is truly descriptive and manages to conjure the atmosphere of desolation, sense of loss and alienation connected to Mallory's grotesque and absurd story. The trumpet is much better integrated into the sound structure, being not anymore the absolute protagonist, but a part of the much more solid whole. The addition of a bass guitar ensures more depth to great moments such as "Ratrace" and "Vampires", whereas the voice, filtered and distant, is probably the less convincing element, could probably use a more elaborated approach to match the rest of this alien sound world. The video part, included in the DVD, offers visual interpretations of the tracks, and is especially good if you're looking for more out-of-this-world trips.
50 copies are an almost non-existent run, so you're not very likely to find this oddity at your local music shop and by now probably not even in your trusted mail order catalogue. If you've been following the steps of DBPIT, Xxena and Mr. Mallory down the years, but also if you haven't and feel curious after reading this review, the best to do is to get in contact with the duo itself.

Simon V-Filth Forge
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